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    PERMABAN ALPHAJOINT CLASSIC TD8H UNIVERSAL 3m LENGTH for 150 - 200mm c/w 3no wooden wedges

    AlphaJoint Classic 4010 featuring TD8H dowels and universal divider plate, for slabs of 150-200mm.

    The AlphaJoint Classic 4010 is the 'industry-standard' leave-in-place armoured joint formwork, offering heavy-duty performance, strength, versatility, and ease of installation.

    Unit Size: 3m length

    Due to the size of this product it is not purchasable online, to order please call 01359 272569 or complete the contact form below.
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    The AlphaJoint Classic 4010 is suitable for a wide range of internal applications, in particular heavy-duty applications such as industrial buildings and waste transfer solutions.
    Suitable for use with most vehicle types
    Suitable for larger joint openings, up to 30mm
    Ideal for free movement areas, but suitable for most other areas

     Conforms to the Construction Products Regulations and holds CE mark to ETA-18/0729
     The AlphaJoint comes with a universal divider plate. With preset positions, the joint can easily be set to multiple heights on site. Meaning the same product can be used for different slab depths.
     Heavy duty joint arris protection.
    Shear studs securely anchor the joint into the slab along its length.
    Resistant to twisting caused by the impact of wheeled traffic.
     Efficient load transfer between adjacent concrete slabs with plate dowels.
    Allows controlled horizontal slab movement, preventing random cracking.
     Eliminate vertical movement between slabs during concrete contraction, for a level floor surface.
    Supplied as one unit for easy handling and installation – the two sides are connected with frangible rivets which separate naturally after installation.
    Also available with Permaflex ‘T’ tape system pre-installed as special order 

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