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    Adocure WW is an aqueous silicate solution that reacts to deposit an integral layer of high strength crystals in the concrete pore structure. It helps prevent premature drying out of the concrete surface reducing the risks of surface cracking and dusting.

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     Adocure WW performs by physically 'locking' moisture into freshly cast concrete surfaces to allow full hydration of the cement. This assists the concrete to achieve a full and optimum cure, giving the optimum compressive strength and highest quality surface.
     This is achieved by a chemical reaction between Adocure WW and the cement resulting in the blocking of the surface pores in the concrete. This in turn helps to retain hydration water within the concrete helping to optimise its curing. 
     The treated surface is made denser and has reduced surface dusting & improved stain resistant properties.

     Economical and very easy to apply
     Reacts with the concrete and helps prevents premature drying out of the concrete surface
     Reduced risks of surface cracking and reduced likelihood of surface dusting
     Will enable the concrete to attain improved physical properties
     A tinted grade with a fugitive dye, ADOCURE WWT, is also available to assist in identification during application


    Products specifications
    Coverage Apply the selected grade by spray or watering can at a rate of approximately 4-6m² per litre taking care to ensure complete coverage.
    Shelf Life 12 months in sealed containers, from date of manufacture. Use within 2 months of opening. Mix or agitate prior to use. Adocure WW & WWT should be protected from frost. Containers must be kept sealed after use. The product may require mild agitation before use if stored for more than 6 months.
    Unit Sizes Available 20ltr, 205ltr

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