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    Adostrip Mould Oil is a formwork and mould release agent designed for general site use to achieve easy concrete release.

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    Adostrip forms a physical barrier between the formwork surface and the concrete.
    Adostrip offers quick and easy release of the concrete from the formwork and minimises the formation of blowholes and provides a clean, uniform, non-stained surface.
    Suitable for use on all types of formwork in all climatic conditions
    Double action provides physical barrier and chemical release properties

    Minimises decoloration of concrete surfaces
    Light spray mist coat application provides extremely economic usage
    Inhibits rust formation on steel forms
    Will not be removed by rain showers or light foot traffic
    Dries rapidly on forms to provide cleaner and safer working surfaces
    Concrete deposits on forms virtually elimated 
    Will not impair the bond of any subsequent treatements to concrete
    Minimises incidence of surface air voids
    Provides uniform stain-free concrete surfaces
    Facilitates maximum re-usage of all types of formwork

    Products specifications
    Coverage A thin coating spray applied to give a coverage area of between 30 to 40m² per litre is recommended
    Shelf Life Practically unlimited in sealed containers
    Unit Sizes Available 5 ltr, 20 ltr, 205 ltr, 1000 ltr

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