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    Adomast Plastrip S Mould Release Oil is specifically formulated to give easy release of plastic and thermoplastic mould liners, providing a high quality surface finish, but is suitable for all types of formwork.

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     Plastrip S is suitable for use on plastic mould liners with excellent results
     May be applied to formwork immediately prior to casting without reducing the finished quality.
     Can be used with either grey or white cement or concretes incorporating pigments

     Plastrip S will offer corrosion protection to any metal surface 
     Easily applied
     A suspension and sediment free, highly mobile liquid, which can be used in fine sprays without clogging the jet
     Very economic coverage rates can be obtained without difficulty.
     Retains its mobility at low temperatures
     Provides quick positive release of form-liners, reducing labour costs and damage to formwork and liners
     Drastically reduces the incidence of blowholes, surface blemishes and staining
     Plastrip S may be used for metal or timber mould boxes holding the mould liner, allowing easy cleaning of all equipment

    Products specifications
    Coverage A recommended thin coating gives a coverage between 30 to 40m² per litre depending upon surface porosity. Care should be taken to ensure that Plastrip S is applied as recommended as this will achieve optimum performance and maximum economy.
    Shelf Life In excess of 12 months in sealed containers. Plastrip S should be protected from frost and should be stored in well ventilated areas. Keep away from naked flames, electrical equipment, and food stuffs.