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    Visqueen Non-Combustible DPC is a flexible 0.6mm composite damp proof course and cavity tray system.

    It is supplied in 20m rolls and available in a wide-variety of widths.

    Unit Size: 150mm x 20m roll
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     Visqueen Zedex Non-Combustible Damp Proof Course and cavity tray is designed for cavity wall constructions including those with a structural framing system inner leaf and a masonry outer leaf, in residential, commercial and multi-storey buildings.
     Typical applications include being used as a vertical DPC, or as a site formed surface fxed cavity tray to manage the downward passage of water in cavity wall constructions.
     The product is used where a DPC or DPC cavity tray is required that achieves a reaction to fre classifcation A2 - s1, d0 to BS EN 13501-1:2018.
     In circumstances where the external wall construction consist of a masonry inner leaf e.g. blockwork, Visqueen Zedex Non-Combustible DPC can either be surface fixed or built in to the inner leaf. Please note that in accordance with Building Regulation Approved Document B, the requirement for a non-combustible DPC cavity tray does not apply to DPC cavity trays when used between two leaves of masonry.
     Care should be taken by the Designer to ensure suitability for applications other than those stated above. Visqueen Zedex Non-Combustible DPC should be approved by all stakeholders prior to use.

    Achieves a reaction to fre classifcation A2 - s1, d0 to BS EN 13501-1:2018 by Warrington Fire - compliant with UK Building Regulations
    Flexible cavity tray system - lightweight, easy to detail and install on site
    Excellent strength and tear resistance - robust and resistant to on-site damage
    Visqueen Non-Combustible Preformed Units available - simplifes complex or awkward detailing
    Range of system components - Visqueen Non-Combustible Fixing Strip and DPC Joint Supports availables 

    Products specifications
    Unit Sizes Available Supplied in 20m length rolls and the following standard widths: 300mm, 450mm, 500mm, 600mm, 700mm, 800mm and 900mm. Other widths are available on request including 100mm and 150mm.
    Appearance The DPC is coloured red on the upper surface and pale grey on the reverse and is installed with the red surface facing upwards or outwards i.e. facing towards the direction of moisture penetration.
    Shelf Life Visqueen Zedex Non-Combustible Damp Proof Course should be stored vertically, under cover in its original packaging. In these circumstances, the product has an unlimited shelf life.
    Application Visqueen Zedex Non-Combustible Damp Proof Course can be cut with a sharp retractable safety knife or robust scissors.

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