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    Visqueen Liquid Gas Membrane is a blue-grey, single component, liquid-applied polymer modified emulsion that dries to form a black flexible damp proof, gas proof and waterproof membrane

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    Suitable for damp proofing, gas proofing and waterproofing a variety of substrates including concrete, masonry and metal, above and below ground level including retaining walls, cast concrete, precast concrete and steelwork.
    Ideal for complex detailing and difficult to reach areas.
    The liquid is suitable for use on insulated concrete formwork (ICF) as a priming solution to provide the optimum surface prior to the application of Visqueen Self Adhesive Membrane, Visqueen Gas Resistant Self Adhesive Membrane or VisqueenPro Detailing Strip.

    Complies with BS 8485:2015 + A1:2019 - industry standard for methane and carbon dioxide protection
    Type A Barrier Membrane (Tanking Membrane) - resistant to ground water in accordance with BS 8102:2022
    Conforms to the specification requirements of BR 211:2015 - provides radon protection
    Fully bonded system - self terminating at the perimeter of the installation
    Seamless application - no lap joints
    Can be applied to damp surfaces or green concrete - assists build sequencing
    Versatile - ideal for complex detailing and difficult to reach areas



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