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    Febtank Plug, when mixed with clean water, provides a ready to use rapid-setting durable plugging compound for active leaks in masonry and concrete.

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    Designed to stop active water or seepage under pressure through joints, cracks and holes in concrete or masonry, where a normal mortar would be washed away and resin mortars would not bond.
    As a seal for construction joints or floor joints prior to basement tanking with FEBTANK SUPER.
    For instant sewer connections.
    For sealing cracks and construction joints in reservoirs and other water retaining structures.
    For rapid anchoring of bolts, conduits, pipes, railings, sanitary equipment, etc.
    Joint filling, pointing between concrete segments in concrete and brick tunnels, sewage systems, pipes and mines.


    Ultra-rapid set, instant plugging of leaks. 
    Requires the addition of water only.
    Expands as it sets, ensuring a permanent watertight seal.
    Similar characteristics to, and compatible with, concrete.
    Does not promote corrosion of the reinforcement.

    Products specifications
    Appearance Grey powder
    Shelf Life 9 months from date of manufacture when stored as directed. All materials should be stored under cover, clear of the ground and stacked not more than 4 pails high. Protect the materials from all sources of moisture and frost.
    Coverage 1kg of powder will fill approximately 585cm3 or a joint 20mm x 20mm x 1.45m.

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