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    The Schock® type SLD heavy duty dowel meets the complex requirement of thinner components with higher load-bearing capacity.
    It is more compact and enables the installation of higher loads on thinner slabs and walls.

    Consisting of:1no Stacon type SLD 400 Part A41no Stacon type SLD 400 Part S
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     Higher performance in thin structural components; Schöck Stacon® type SLD has smaller dimensions, allowing higher load-bearing levels to be achieved in thinner structural components
     Superb cost effectiveness; The optimised heavy-duty dowel means that less on-site reinforcement is required. The number of stirrups can be reduced and the hat-shaped brackets are no longer needed on the dowel.
     Comfortable planning with Schöck Scalix®; The new Schöck Scalix® design software is the first web application in the market segment for shear force dowels. It runs on all common browsers. The modular software enables simple design of Stacon® joints. The necessary on-site reinforcement is automatically optimised.
     Proven fire protection; The R 120 fire performance classification is documented in the European Technical Assessment (ETA 21/0439).
     Proven safety according to ETA; After years of research, Schöck Stacon® has been awarded the European Technical Assessment (ETA 21/0439). The heavy-duty dowel was tested to the state of the art. The new test methods evaluate the free movement, load-bearing capacity of the steel and the concrete, serviceability and the structural strength. 
     Ready to install and maintenance-free; Schöck Stacon® is made of stainless steel, and is supplied ready for installation – for secure and maintenance-free connections.

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