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    PUDLO SELF SEAL 1.05M X 19.05M

    PUDLO Self Seal is a self-adhesive, high performance, cold applied waterproof membrane manufactured from tough HDPE film and a layer of rubber modified bitumen adhesive.

    Unit Size: 1.05M X 19.05M
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     PUDLO Self Seal is a robust post-applied solution for providing waterproofing to all suspended or podium slab applications.
     Below ground waterproofing
     External tanking (basements and walls)
     Termination into DPC / slab edge detail
     Damp proof membrane 
    Radon protection barrier

      BBA approved
      Excellent overlap integrity due to bitumen to bitumen joint using zip strip
      Easy application.  Cold applied system
      Flexible, which provides excellent bond to substrate
      High performance protection from water ingress and soluble salts such as sulphates and chlorides
      Resistance to 6m head of water

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